Maximize Your Profits

Our attorneys understand the broad tax and business implications surrounding many transactions. Whether you need to purchase real estate for an expansion, acquire or change a commercial lease, or sell off large-scale business equipment due to cut-backs or closings, we can help.

We know how to analyze transactions and advise of the legal, tax, and business ramifications. Our lawyers can help you with the timing of real estate sales taking into account tax liability and other concerns.

Contracts can help ensure your business continues to operate successfully. Our attorneys can draft effective contracts for every aspect of your business. We can also help negotiate contracts and leases as your business goals evolve.

Our lawyers understand that issues can arise or delays occur that can impede the completion of contracts. We can help minimize the legal problems associated with contract disputes, writing effective demand letters, clarifying issues, working to mediate solutions and, when necessary, bringing your dispute to court to resolve the issue.