Hurricane Irma Insurance Claims

Legal Representation Following the South Florida Natural Disaster

At Milam & Milam, our attorneys understand that when a policyholder who has paid insurance premiums submits a hurricane damage claim to their insurance company, they expect the company will act in good faith and honor the validity of their claim. However, many times the insurance company does not do what is right and honor the claim. Disputes often arise after an insurance company denies a valid claim, many times without a legitimate reason or explanation.

Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc across the Florida Keys and the Marco Island area. From Key Largo, through Islamorada, Marathon and to Key West, there is extensive damage on every island. Entire neighborhoods seemingly demolished. Hurricane Irma brought unprecedented winds. Many insurance companies sometime deny claims or substantially under pay on claims arguing the damage was caused by water, an excluded event under most homeowners policies, not wind. We helped homeowners recover after Hurricane Katrina, and we have the experience to help you after Hurricane Irma.

If Hurricane Irma damaged your home, condominium, or business, call us to make sure that you receive everything you are entitled to under your homeowners or business insurance plan. This also applies to renter’s insurance, car insurance, boater’s insurance, and other types of insurance.

Do not wait for the insurance company to give you the run-around, nitpick your hurricane damage claim, demand excessive paperwork or deny your claim. At Milam and Milam, we fight to ensure you are treated fairly, and that you receive payment for the damages your policy covers. This includes reviewing the policy to see what types of damages are covered, what deductibles may apply, what endorsements your policy has, and how Florida Courts have interpreted certain critical provisions of your policy.

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